metaverse and open worlds

Large scale open worlds and Metaverses full development. A design beyond this world, make it real now in the GALA PROTOCOL.





Humans experience the world in 3D dimensions over 11 dimensions of hyperspace, the future is 3D-360 immersions or as better known "virtual reality. GALA's game designers, architects, and graphic artists are capable of creating all types of experiences for inner spaces or outer space. Designing augmented reality content, games, or any type of visual experience technology will improve the customer's experience significantly

gala API

Blockchain FOR ALL

Create your Metaverse or NFT project by calling any function in the blockchain from the GALA API directly from your favorite Engine or development environment.

art + SCIENCE =

cloud GPU network

Sell or adquire GPU and computing capabilities for your personal use or to support your demanding Metaverse project.

fbx & virtual PRODUCTION

Create digital movies, series or render the most intense special effects and particle simulations

genomas evolution

The rise of a new Spcies, full working members of communities now stepping into the work arena. Design GENOMA or create a digital twin of you that never dies.

gis & services

Geo-location and Imagery services for Realtime Tracking of objects in a life 3D Earth.


Licensing of Modular, Architect, and engineering tools to plan, design and present in VR rich Architectural wonders in minutes.